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Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
Vital statistics
Number Unknown

Number of Episodes TBA
First Episode Back into Overdrive
Last Episode Operation Final Battle

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date Unknown
Producer Unknown
Author Dragonboy546
Production Order
[[Power Rangers Mystic Force]]
Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive is the fifteenth season of Power Rangers. It aired on ABC Kids starting on March 3, 2007 after starting on Jetix a week earlier. It is based on the 2006 Super Sentai series, GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive commemorated the 15th anniversary of Power Rangers, while Boukenger celebrated the 30th anniversary of Super Sentai.



Overdrive RangersEdit

Color Role Actor
Red Overdrive Ranger Alyssa Hartford Ashley Tisdale
Black Overdrive Ranger Jack Aston Leon Thomas III
Blue Overdrive Ranger Max Marson Zac Efron
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Rachel Marson Ariana Grande
Pink Overdrive Ranger Summer Robinson Debby Ryan
Mercury Ranger Thea Resse Vanessa Hudgens


  • Veteran Operation Overdrive Rangers
  • Andrew Hartford
  • Spencer
  • Vella
  • New Jungle Fury Rangers
  • New Mystic Rangers
  • Angel Grayson: the Former Red Ranger, The Overdrive Rangers Friend And housemate; and Fiancée of Tyson Smith


  • Flurry
  • Scarina
  • Kirraska
  • Kamkar


  • Mig
  • Bengalo





  1. Back into Overdrive
  2. The Underwater Mystery
  3. Pirate of Pink
  4. Heart of Blue
  5. All The Cost
  6. Both Sides Now
  7. Follow The Ranger
  8. Lights, Camera, MAX
  9. Girl in Mercury
  10. Room for One more
  11. Truth of the Mercury
  12. Face to Face Part 1
  13. Face to Face Part 2
  14. Return of Mercury Part 1
  15. Return of Mercury Part 2
  16. Sticky situation
  17. Junior Rangers on Mars Part 1
  18. Operation Mystic Force Part 1
  19. Operation Mystic Force Part 2
  20. One Fine day
  21. Rachel on Empty Part 1
  22. Rachel on Empty Part
  23. Operation Song
  24. Home and Away Part 1
  25. Home and Away Part 2
  26. United We stand
  27. Enter to the Pokémon World
  28. Forging a Forest Friendship
  29. Pokémon Past
  30. Lightspeed Reunion Part 1
  31. Lightspeed Reunion Part 2
  32. Two Fallen Foes
  33. Fighting Fire with Fire
  34. Operation Final Battle



Background InformationEdit

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