Power Rangers: Space Turbo
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Number of episodes: (Unknown)
First episode: ????
Last episode: ????
Intro: Power Rangers: Space Turbo/Theme Song
Adapted from: None
Adapted into: ????
Original airing: ????
Producer ????
Author: ????
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Power Rangers: Space Turbo is

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Rangers Edit

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Rangers: Colors: From Series:
Plucky Fox Red Animals of Farthing Wood
Vuk Fox Blue Vuk the Little Fox
Tod Fox Green The Fox & The Hound
Copper Hound Dog Yellow The Fox & The Hound
Vixey Fox Pink The Fox & The Hound
Foxy Vixen Magenta Vuk The Little Fox
Aleu Wolf Dog Orange Balto
Dash Hare Purple Animals of Farthing Wood
Coby Fox Aqua Judgepikachu's Alcatraz

10th/6th: Edit

Rangers: Colors: From Series:
Kodiak "Kodi" Tan Balto

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Rangers: Colors: From Series:

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Allies Edit

  • Characters from AOFW
  • Widow Tweed
  • Amos Slade
  • Chief
  • Big Mama
  • Dinky & Boomer
  • Cash
  • Dixie
  • The Fox & The Hound Characters
  • Balto
  • Balto Characters
  • Noah
  • Buster (From Fearless Four (1997))

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(nothing yet)

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