Power rangers Ani Force is a fan made power rangers

Plot Edit

Three teenagers with no relations at all are chosen to be the next generation hero's "Power Rangers Ani Force" all given the powers of wild animals "Vulture" , "Shark" and "Puma" with these powers they can protect the world from evil.

Rangers Edit

Color Name Animal Weapon
Red Issac Vulture Sword
Blue Min Shark Hammer
Yellow Nina Puma Axe

Theme song Edit

Na na na na na Ani Force rise!!! Ani Force fly to the sky they will be there whenever you need them. Ani Force rise!!! Go go go go go !! A.N.I A.N.I . Ani Force!!!!!

Characters Edit

Major Allies Edit

  • Prince Izaia(Soon green ranger)
  • Premio(soon white ranger)

Villains (Megodoins) Edit

  • Tezo-X(leader)
  • General Tezmo(Tezo-X brother)
  • Macazset

Minor Allies Edit

  • Rex
  • Princes Lila
  • 48

Rangers Friends Edit

  • Diana
  • Dominic
  • Harper
  • Jace(Isaac brother)
  • Tina(Nina Twin sister)

Arsenal Edit

  • Ani ring morpher

Weapons Edit

  • red Vulture sword
  • blue Shark hammer
  • Yellow Puma axe

Other Weapons Edit

  • Ani Blaster
  • Ani Bombs
  • Ani Gas

Main Zords Edit

  • Ani Megazord
  • Red Vulture Zord
  • Blue Shark Zord
  • Yellow Puma Zord

(More coming soon)

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