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Power Rangers Crystal Beasts
Number Animated Crossover
Number of episodes: 50 (planned)
First episode: Light of the Gems, Part I
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers Crystal Beasts Theme
Adapted from: Original series
Adapted into:
Original airing: 2018
Producer Saban Entertainment
DreamWorks Animation
Author: CureKurogane
Production Order
Power Rangers Crystal Beasts is an animated crossover created by CureKurogane and produced by Saban Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation, where it focuses on five characters originated from different animated series fighting as the Power Rangers with the aid of the mystical Crystal Gems and the Gem Beasts. It takes the elements of the 2016 Netflix web animated series, Voltron Legendary Defender, and it is also announced that Crystal Beasts will get a Sentai adaptation called, Zyuseki Sentai Kiraranger.


In the distant planet of Fala, ten mystical gemstones called the Crystal Gems as well as ten robotic animals called the Gem Beasts were separated and sent to different parts of the galaxy after a dark Altean named Gaaron launched an attack on the planet to reclaim the Ruby Gem and the Ruby Lion.

However, the Ruby Gem and the Ruby Lion sought refuge in a planet where it was found by Keith, the Red Paladin of Voltron as well as his partner, Shiro the Black Paladin of Voltron while the four remaining Crystal Gems were given to four teenagers who were just starting college.

When Gaaron's general Trigor attacks the planet Earth, Keith forms up with his new friends and teammates and together with the Gems' power, they transform into the legendary superhero team, the Power Rangers and fight the corrupt Altean with the gemstone-themed blasters, weapons and the five Gem Beasts.


Crystal Beast RangersEdit

Ranger Designation Name Voice Actor/Actress
Red Ruby Lion Ranger Keith Steven Yeun
Green Emerald Pegasus Ranger Flash Thompson Matt Lanter
Blue Sapphire Dragon Ranger Jazz Fenton Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Yellow Diamond Eagle Ranger Dax Keith Silverstein
Pink Rubellite Tiger Ranger Julie Yamamoto Xanthe Huynh


  • Takashi 'Shiro' Shirogane - Voiced by Josh Keaton
  • Billy Cranston - Voiced by David Yost


  • Lord Gaaron - Voiced by Lex Lang
  • General Trigor- Voiced by Chris Sabat



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