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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: Avenger On dawn is the Lightspeed Rescue film before the series began.


After the defeat of Vexus and Flurious, Angel is Married to Tyson Smith and have 4 kids, Izzy, Xavier, Mallory, And Jared And they love spending time with each other when she visited them from her journey in the Pokémon world, few months later Izzy is now 12 years old and taken care of her Alolan Starter Pokémon Litten, nicknames Blaze, when she and her friends visit the Alola Region when the villain Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron somehow enter the Region and Izzy and the Pokémon get suck into the Avengers world.


In Beverly Hills, Young girl named Izzy Grayson who is 9 years old and is having lots of fun with her Mom and Dad, Angel and Tyson, and spends her time with her 3 siblings Xavier; 9, Mallory; 6 and Jared; 4, Angel loves spending her time seeing her kids when she is away in the Pokémon universe and one Day when Angel was away, when Izzy and Xavier were on their way home the car Tyson was driving and almost hit a truck and the car hit the edge of the Peak and Tyson and Izzy we’re survived but not Xavier, Izzy is very sad about this and wants to her room laying on her bed feeling sad.

3 years later,

Izzy is now 12 years old, and is in her room sleeping as she wakes up.

”Another morning, wake up Blaze time to get ready for school.” Izzy Says as she wakes up and got out of bed.

As Izzy gets up and wakes up as she wakes up her Pokémon Litten, that she nicknames it Blaze, as she gets change and wears her red shirt with flames draw on it and put on her blue jeans with water splashes, and put on her green velcro tennis shoes, and puts on her orange hooded jacket with a Charizard in the front as Ash arrived in Her room with Pikachu.

“Whoa Hey Ash And Little Pikachu.“ Izzy Sash’s as she greets her mom’s Friends.

Ash looks at her.

”It’s nice to see you Izzy and I bet so does Blaze.“ Ash says as he looks at her and looks at her Litten.

Pikachu And Blaze play with each other as Ash looks at her.

”So how is your 3 years been doing.“ Ash says as he looks at her as he brushes her hair.

Izzy looks at him.

”Well Ash it’s been tough my family is way out of whack since my Mother’s disappearance and Xavier is dead I’m trying to handle this but is hard I usually speak to one of them but it’s hard not to be when I go to someone I go to talk to Blaze, Mallory’s Popplio, Xavier’s Rowlet And Jared’s Squirtle for advise and sometimes go to my Cousin and friends as well it’s just a difficult time.“ Izzy says as she looks at him.

Ash looks at her.

”Well Izzy just remember even if she’s not here with you she said to you about having a great heart and amazing powers and will have your own Pokémon and became a great Trainer.“ Ash says as he looks at her as He twirls Izzy’s hair and makes it into a Ponytail.

As Izzy seems amaze and noticed the time as she heads downstairs and calls Blaze over and promised Ash she’ll be back home from school.

As she eats quick and she and her cousin and siblings went on the bus and went to school.

At School, Izzy arrived and went to class as she sees the others kids with their Pokémon as she wishes she could be more than her mother’s Daughter.

”Huh at least I have you Blaze.” Izzy Says as she looks at her Litten.

Blaze And Izzy cuddly each other as she heads to her first period class.

As she meets up with her friends in class.

“Hey Guys.” Izzy Says as she greets her friends.

Chip looks at her.

”Hey Izzy how are you doing.” Chip says as he asked about her doing.

Izzy looks at him.

”I’m doing good how’s Oshawatt doing.” Izzy Says as she gets out her stuff.

Chip looks at her.

”Oshawatt is doing good and he is so awesome and he and Daddy’s Pokémon is going really good.” Chip says as he looks at her.

Paula looks at her.

”So I see your getting better with Blaze aren’t you?” Paula Says as she looks at her.

Izzy looks at her.

”Yeah Paula I am Blaze is doing so good and Ash and his Pokémon are great teachers and I hope to visit Alola one day since I’m a Trainer at the age of 10 and continuing that path and someday will see different places.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Farah looks at them.

”Yeah Izzy is been Training her life to see the Pokémon universe, and she’s so ready and really wants to make her mother and brother proud.” Farah says as she looks at them.

Oliver looks at Izzy.

”Hey Izzy don’t forget about the trip to Alola tomorrow to see the school.” Oliver Says as he looks at her.

Izzy looks at him.

”I have no idea we’re going to Alola And I’m so excited to see Alola Pokémon and see Alolan versions of Pokémon from Kanto.” Izzy Says as she looks excited as she hugs her Litten as school begins

At The Grayson’s House, Tyson seems worried about handling to be a single father to his kids.

Heather looks at him.

”Hey Tyson I can see your cooking in stress that means it isn’t good.” Heather says as she looks at Tyson.

Tyson Looks at her.

”Yes Heather I am And worry how Izzy will handle this and Mallory and Jared And your daughter is trying her best to keep Izzy happy from Angel and Xavier.” Tyson says as he looks at her.

Heather looks at him.

”Ty please relax I’m prettying sure she’ll handle it and Izzy and her friends are leaving for the Alola Region tomorrow.” Heather says as he looks at him.

Tyson is shock.

”What Izzy is leaving for Alola tomorrow for free oh my Now im really worried.” Tyson says as he tanned upstairs panicking.

Heather calls her Blaziken and Skitty.

”Blaziken, Skitty lets go calm Tyson.” Heather says as she looks at them.

They rush upstairs.

At school, Izzy is heading for Pokémon Training class as she and Blaze heard her rival Jasper Vowards calling her mother a Ranger Poké loser because she has Pokémon powers and Izzy looks scared.

”Oh Blaze what am I supposed to do with this I know I’m not my mom but Jasper calling her weak it’s not good I need to be better in Class, we better go or else will be late.” Izzy Says as she looks at Blaze as she’s holding him and they rush to class using her Quick attack speed to class.

Izzy and Blaze made in time for class as she sit next to Farah and Oliver as they look at Professor Seonna.

”Okay class today in Pokémon Traing class, will be doing a Pokémon Pop Quiz to see how much you learned for our trip to the Alola Region And then will do some training obstacles for us to demonstrate our bonds with Pokémon to them.“ Professor Seonna says as she looks at them.

The Classes Get paired in 3 teams.

”Alright, for the Sapphire team will have David with his Psyduck, Lily and her Pichu, Lindsey And her Espeon, and Brett And his Apom will be Team one, for Emerald will have Chip and his Oshawatt, Paula and her Snivy, Sammy with his Bonsly, and Tara with her Cleffa. and finally for the Ruby Team, Farah Grayson and her Fennekin, Oliver Rawlings And his Turtwig, Chris And his Marshtomp, And finally Izzy Grayson and her Litten.” Professor Seonna says as she introduced the team.

Chip looks at Paula.

”How come Izzy gets to be on team Ruby with Farah and Oliver instead of us being together.” Chip says as he looks at HER.

Paula looks at him.

“Well Farah is Izzy‘s Cousin and goes to Farah at her house when she feels to out ease with her Dad and Oliver helps her feel better by using the Staraptor plane for a ride.” Paula says as she looks at him.

Chip agrees with Paula as the teams went to get ready for the Pop quiz.

As Team Ruby change into their caps and gowns.

”Okay some Pokémon studying.” Izzy Says as she gave Farah her book.

Farah turns to a page to get Izzy and Oliver started by saying their types, starter Pokémon and what they evolve into.

”Okay first question, which of the 3 main starter Pokémon are from Kanto, and what type do they have and what do they evolve into?“ Farah asked as she pop quiz her.

”The 3 main starter Pokémon are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and they’re Grass, Fire, And Water, And Bulbasaur first evolves into Ivysaur which is a Grass and Posion type, and then evolves into Venasaur, Squirtle evolves into Wartortle And then into Blastoise which they’re the same Water type, and finally Charmander evolves into Charmeleon which is still a fire type but when it Evolves into Charizard it becomes a fire and Flying type which looks like a Dragon to other Pokémon.” Izzy Says as she answers the questions.

Farah seems amaze.

”Wait who Cuz, you got this Izzy you’ve been learning a lot from your mom and learned a lot from my mom and Dad you got this in the bag.” Farah Says as she looks at her cousin.

Oliver looks at her.

”Farah is right Izzy, dont Let anyone tell yo, you can’t do it and your unique for who you are and even if your scared to control each one just remember your friends are here to cheer you on.” Oliver says as he looks at her.

Farah puts her hand on Izzy’s shoulder.

”And Iz if you get nervous he’s a little poem my mom told herself when she feels nervous "Like a little Beedrill and its bug type crew and grass type Pokémon helping each other is like honey nectar and Green flowers made a good combination.” Farah Says as she looks at her and telling a poem.

Izzy smiles as the Pop Quiz begins as each team stand on their tables and must have one of their Pokémon to bring the baton to the Team they’ll shall answer the questions as Seonna starts the first question.

”What are the main Starter Pokémon for Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola.” Proffessor Seonna Says as she calls out the answer.

The Pokémon began to ran to their trainers as Blaze used his Ranger skills and gave the baton to Izzy.

Izzy pressed the bottom.

”The Starter Pokémon are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle from Kanto, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile from Johto, Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic from Hoenn, Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup from Sinnoh, Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawatt from Unova, Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie, from Kalos, and finally Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio from Alola.” Izzy Says as she answers the question.

”Correct, And Team Ruby gets 21 points from question 1 only 69 questions to go.” Professor Seonna says as she looks at them.

Each Team are answering the questions of the 70 questions.

”Okay Team this is our 70th question of our Pokémon test and I hop your up to the challenge.” Professor Seonna says as she continues to talk.

As Izzy gets a strange feeling as she almost fainted but Farah catches her.

“Izzy are you feeling alright.” Farah asked as she looks at her.

Izzy looks at her.

”Yeah just a little hallucinated that’s all just sensing an unknown evil coming.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Farah asked Chris to give Izzy some water as she gets up and gets ready for the last question.

”Okay the last question is which original regions does Eevee evolve in.” Professor Seonna says as she looks at them.

As Farah, Izzy, and Oliver answer Together.

”For Kanto Eevee evolves into three forms do to it’s enviormnet.” Izzy Says as she calls out.

”The evolve form of Eevee in Kanto is Flareon a fire type, Vaporeon a water type, and Jolteon an electric type, in Johto there’s Umbreon and Espeon for Eevee.” Farah Says as she speaks next.

”In Sinnoh there’s two more Eevee forms, Leafeon a grass type and Glaceon a ice type.” Oliver says as he answers.

”And Finally in Kalos there’s Sylveon a fairy type and that’s include all 8 forms of Eevee.” Izzy Says as she answers the final question.

Professor Seonna looks at them.

”That’s correct, Team Ruby wins.” Seonna says as she looks at them.

The team are so proud and the other teams congrats them.

”Okay you’ll all take a Break and than will do our obstacles exercise.” Professor Seonna says as she looks at them.

The Teens went to stretched for a while.

Oliver looks at Izzy.

“Hey Iz why did you start to sense new evil coming?” Oliver asked as he looks at Izzy.

”I don’t know it seems like it happened in another world.” Izzy says as she looks at him.

Oliver is surprised by this. As the timer stops and it’s time for the obstacles, Blaze and Rowlet (Xavier’s Pokémon that Izzy takes care of) looks at Izzy.

“I’m fine you two just need to be strong this for my mom and Xavier of course and need to be stealthy and not to Be afraid.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

As the obstacles challenge begins each of their teams members will pass each other with a baton with their Pokémon the first members did the archery challenge, then the 2nd team will do a roller blade challenge and Oliver passes the baton to to Izzy as she did the rock wall challenge but she started to slip by her nerves and Izzy remembers the poem Farah told her as she gets back to climbing and made it to the top and pressed the button and wins the obstacles challenge as she feels she’s ready for the trip.

As Izzy and Farah arrived home and see the place trash and sees Tyson tied up.

”Aunt Heather What happened.” Izzy calls her Aunt downstairs.

Heather rush down and sees them home.

”Mom did you used Blaziken and Skitty to calm Tyson down.” Farah Says as she looks at her.

Heather looks at her than at Izzy.

”Um Izzy can you take Litten, Rowlet, Fennekin, Popplio, And Squirtle Out for a walk in the woods I’ll call you back when Farah and I are done Talking.” Heather says as she looks at Izzy.

Izzy looks at her Aunt.

”Okay Aunt Heath, And my Litten’s name is Blaze, Common you 5.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Izzy took them for a walk in the woods as she uses her Psychoc power to make their Poké voices into human voices.

”Man it feels so good to have a voice of a person and I wish she would do that in School today.” Squirtle says as he looks at them.

Blazd looks at him.

”Squirtle I known that but Izzy is just a Junior Ranger and a Pokémon Trainer and soon will Master her Powers.” Blaze says as he looks at them.

Izzy looks at Blaze.

”Thanks Blaze and it’s hard To deal with the fact my mom isn’t here and I’m trying to handle this.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Fennekin hears someone behind A tree.

”Fennekin is something wrong.” Izzy asked as she looks at her.

Fennekin used hittin Power on the person in the hood.

”That Person was listening to our conversation.” Fennekin Says as she looks at Izzy.

”What Fenne.” Izzy Says in surprised.

The Hooded Person ran.

”Hey come back here eavesdropper.” Izzy shouts as she calls the person to stop.

Izzy leaves a sting shot trail to follow him or her as she uses her fire, water and bug type moves to stop it but the hooded person uses a weird telekineses.

”Whoa you have Powers as well let See how you do it with my Ghost type power.“ Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Hooded person uses Telekinesis again but this time Izzy uses her magical leaf and the Psychic is broke and the voice box falls over and Blaze and Fennekin uses Flamethrower on the box and breaks as the hooded Person disappears.

”Phew thanks you two. I wonder who was that and what she or he wanted, I think we better get home I think Aunt Heath will get worry about me.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

As Izzy made their voices back into their normal voices as they follow the string shot back home.

May the Smith’s house, Heather is calling for Izzy and sees them back home dirty.

”Oh my god Izzy where have you I’ve been calling you since I’m done with Farah’s Conversation but you didn’t Hear me.” Heather says as she looks at Izzy.

”Sorry Aunt Heather I’ve wonder too far in the woods and didn’t here you sorry.” Izzy Says as she apologizes to her Aunt.

Heather looks at her.

”It’s Okay Izzy huts try not to go so far from home okay.” Heather says as she looks at her.

Izzy hugs Heather and went inside to take a bath and get ready for her trip to Alola tomorrow. Heather is relief that Izzy and the others are alright as she looks at one of her comics of the Avengers and hop Izzy will be a great hero when she’s older.

In her room, Izzy is readying her comic as Blaze looks at her.

”I know Blaze I’m so excited to for my trip to Alola just feel nervous and I hope to see it and see a lot of Alolan Pokémon and see Alolan forms of Pokémon back at Kanto is such a dream and I hope to see it and I hope to Discovered the Hooded Person who will Be coming back.” Izzy Says as she looks at Blaze.

As Blaze and Izzy settles in bed as Izzy turned off the lights and went to sleep.

The Next morning, Izzy and Blaze woke up and notice the day and get changed and before she leaves she grabs her Avengers comic and she and Blaze head downstairs and grabs a toast and orange juice.

”Okay Dad you be good and no trouble with Grandma, Grandpa, Mallory, Jared, And Aunt Heather while we’re gone.“ Izzy Says as she looks at him.

Farah turns to Heather.

”And Mom dont cause trouble from yesterday.” Farah says as she looks at her.

Heather and Tyson agrees. As the bus appears and Farah and Izzy arrived on the Bus with Fennekin, Blaze, Rowlet, Popplio, and Squirtle and head their way to school and when they arrived at school and meet up in Pokémon Training class and went on the bus to Alola.

Its been 15 hours on the bus to the end of California as Izzy is listening to her music and looking out the window and asked Carl the Bus driver.

”Hey Carl how long are we near the end of California near the boat docks.” Izzy asked as she looks at him.

Carl looks at her.

”Well I don’t know where the docks are it seems like we’re been going around in a circle.” Carl says as he looks at Izzy.

Izzy gets out her Portal navigator and search for the boat docks of her world.

”The docks are just across the woods, and turned rights at the end of the woods and there you’ll find the docks there.“ Izzy Says as she looks at her navigator.

Carl looks at her.

”Oh no wonder why that path over there seems funny thanks Iz.” Carl Says as he thanks her.

As they turned to the docks the bus began to shake as an earthquake begins and wakes up Rowlet and noticed a red telekinesis and warns Izzy as it nearly drags her but Izzy uses her Hypnosis and nocked it out.

”Izzy are You alright?” Carl asked as he looks at her.

Izzy looks at him.

”In fine but that Red glow is back.” Izzy Says as she looks at him.

Carl sees a Portal opening and a person comes out and looks at Izzy and Izzy recognized her and Izzy looks at Carl.

”Carl let me drive pleas I’ll take a shortcut to the docks and into Alola.” Izzy Says as she sits on Carl’s lap and robes the bus.

This wakes up the students and Professor Seonna looks at Izzy.

”Izzy what are you doing driving the bus.” Seonna says as she looks at Izzy.

”Professor Seonna sits down I have to get us to Alola away from her.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Paula looks at Izzy.

”Okay Who is “Her” Iz.” Paula asked as she looks at her.

Izzy looks at her as they’re almost to the dock.

”Her name is Wanda Maximtoff from Age of Ultron film Paula, now let me do my job driving this bus away from her and into the Alola Region.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Everyone sits down as Maximtoff keeps following them and finally made it the docks as Izzy uses her device to teleport the bus to the Pokémon world.

”Uh she got away.” Wanda says over her radio.

the voice talks over her radio.

”Bring here to me I must have her powers and will find her in Alola Region.” The voice says over the radio to get her.

In the Portal on their way to Melemee Island, Izzy sits down in her seat and worries how Wanda enter her world and understand she was the one in the woods last night as she cuddles with Blaze and the device found the Island and they enter the world.

They’re greeted by the School.

Izzy is happy to see Ash.

”Hey Ash it’s good to see you in Alola and you two Pikachu.” Izzy Says in excitement and hugs Ash.

Ash and Pikachu hugs her and looks at her.

”Yeah it’s been long since you ever seen the Pokémon universe in person.” Ash says as he looks at her.

Izzy feels pretty nervous as she touches her hair as Blaze, Rowlet, Popplio, And Squirtle comes out and Ash seems happy to see her siblings Pokémon with her and his classmates seem interested on her.

Ash looks at her.

”Izzy these are my friends in Alola, Kiawe with his fire Pokémon, Lana with her Popplio, Mallow and her Stenee, Sophocles and his Togedamrou and Charjabub, and Lillie with her Alolan Vulpix and Guys This is Izzy Grayson, my oldest friend Angel Grayson’s daughter and her friends and they’re the Junior Rangers.” Ash says as he introduce one to each other.

His friends seem to be interest on Izzy because they finally get to meet Angel Grayson‘s daughter and Izzy feels nervous meeting them for the first time and seeing the Pokémon universe.

Blaze cuddles with Izzy’s leg and reminds her of something.

”Oh yeah and I want you to meet my Pokémon Blaze.” Izzy Says as she gets out Blaze and holding him in her arms.

Lillie seems happy to hear the name Blaze.

“Wow you called youth Litten;Blaze so unique well I called my Vulpix, Snowy because it’s so cute and filled with snow.” Lillie Says in delight.

Izzy seems pretty amaze by Lillie’s complement as Snowy jumps to Izzy’s arm.

”Hey Snowy it’s good to see you.” Izzy Says as she seems impressed as she started to change into a Alolan Vulpix style.

Everyone is impressed by Izzy’s Transformation.

”Oh yeah when I feel happy and good to see a Pokémon I never seen in person I see Their eyes and I created a style with ears, eyes and a tail to make me looks like one of them with joy and a new Power I unlock when I got Blaze.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Everybody are surprised as their Pokémon joined in as Izzy seems so happy to see them, they decides to take the school for a tour, Izzy seems very excited as the Alolan Marowak hits the bus as kiawe stops it.

Kiawe looks at Izzy.

”Sorry for my Marowak for putting a Dent in your bus.” Kiawe says as he apologize to her.

Izzy looks at him.

”It’s Okay Kiawe the Bus was beaten up from an earthquake created by Scarlet Witch.” Izzy Says as she looks at him.

Professor Seonna looks at them.

”Okay it’s been a long day and I think it’s time for them to show us around the school in Alola before Izzy gets a little heisty from the bus rumble.” Seonna says as she looks at them.

They all agree and get their stuff from the truck and Izzy looks at Farah.

”Cuz, I’m going for a walk tell Seonna I’ll be back.” Izzy Says as she looks at Farah as she left.

Pikachu notice and asked Snowy, Stenee, Togedamru, and Charjabug to go with Izzy and they’ll keep her safe.

”Oh Pikachu i see you want to come with me Well I want to Clear my mind with Blaze but a little company won’t be bad.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

The Other Pokémon are overjoyed.

”Oh hear let me used my powers to make you guys talk.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

The others are confused but Pikachu And Blaze told them it’ll be alright as Izzy uses her Psychic ability and her eyes change into each of them as she transfers each of their voices into human voice.

”Okay let’s start with Stenee, so tell me what is your very kind of smell.” Izzy Says as she looks at Stenee.

Stenee looks at Izzy.

“Well I like the smell of flowers that smell really sweet like me, what did I just talk like people do.” Stenee says as she is surprised that she can speak.

Togedamaru speaks as well.

”Oh man i Can talk to so awesome.” Togademaru Says in excitement.

Snowy seems surprised.

”Yeah I can’t belive you have that ability to do that.” Snowy Says as she looks at her.

Blaze looks at them.

”Yep Iz is one special girl.” Blaze says as he looks at them.

Izzy seems pleasant by this.

As they take a nature walk in the woods and they saw many Pokémon from different regions and saw Alolan Pokémon and Kanto Pokémon have Aloan Forms in Alola as Blaze saw Kanto Alolan Forms in a valley Izzy and the Pokémon sees this.

”Whoa Kanto Alolan form Pokémon so awesome.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Chajabug sees one.

“Whoa Guys looks there’s an Alola Rattata and an Alolan Raticate playing in some trees.” Charjabug Says as he looks at them.

Togedamaru sees few more.

”Oh, Oh look there’s an Alolan Rachi playing with its electric friends.” Togedamaru says as he looks at them.

Snowy sees Ice type Pokémon.

”Look there‘s an Sandshrew and a Sandslash playing with the other Ice type Vulpix and Ninetail‘s as well.” Snowy says as she’s interest in them.

Stenee sees others.

”look there’s an Alolan Diglet, Dugtrio, Meowth, And Persian.” Stenee says in excitement.

Izzy sees the rest.

”Whoa there’s an Alolan Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Grimer, Muk, Exeggutor, And Marowak so many Pokémon for me to see in this Region.” Izzy Says in excitement.

Izzy suggested they all go play the others agree and are having so much fun playing with them Blaze noticed that playing with them made Izzy feel happy.

As they were surprised by Lana who shows up.

”Lana I have no idea you were coming here.” Izzy Says in surprised.

Lana looks at her.

”Oh Farah was A bit worry about you walking in the woods with the others Pokémon so me and Popplio follow you to make sure you can be safe.” Lana says as she looks at Izzy.

Izzy looks at her.

”Well Farah worries about me but sometimes i can handle big situations with Blaze by my side.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Lana and Izzy laugh to see how much Farah can get so nervous.

Blaze hears something.

”Izzy I hear something.” Blaze says as he calls to her.

Lana and Popplio is surprised.

”How did Blaze talk like a human.” Lana says as she looks at Izzy.

Izzy looks at her.

”Oh yeah making Pokémon talk like humans it’s one of my Psychic abilities.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Lana looks at her.

”Whoa that’s so amazing how you can do that ability to other Pokémon.” Lana says as she looks at her.

Popplio wants to try that ability.

”Hey Izzy can you do your ability to Popplio I’ve always wonder what it sounds like.” Lana asked as she looks at Izzy.

Izzy agrees as she uses her Psychic mind and her eyes turned into Popplio’s and Popplio began to speak.

“Whoa that is some weird ability you have Izzy.” Popplio says as she looks at Izzy.

Lana is so impressed by what Izzy did as Blaze starts hearing something and starts follow the sound Izzy notices and chase after her Pokémon Lana and the rest of the Pokémon follow them, they gone deeper in the forest.

”Um Izzy which way is back to school?” Lana asked as she looks at her

Izzy isn’t sure.

”No I think we’re lost.” Izzy Says as she panics they hear something coming as the two gets scared.

Izzy was to scared and uses her Psychic human translation on the Pokémon and revealed to be Kiawe‘s Turtnator and Marowak and translates their voices and the two freaks out.

”Oops sorry you two I didn’t mean to.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Marowak doesn’t mind and looks at Izzy.

”It doesn’t bother me and by the way where have you two been the others have them worry.” Marowak says as he looks at them.

Izzy looks at them.

”Sorry it was supposed to be a nature walk but turns out to be a run off to follow Blaze.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Blaze keeps running and they start following him.

They found Blaze and sees a two Lycanroc.

”Wow a Midday and Midnight Lycanroc it seems like they’re making a nest.” Lana says as she looks at them.

Izzy looks at them.

”They lay 5 eggs that means they’re foing to be parents.” Izzy Says as she looks shock.

They see the Female Midday Lycanroc having 3 more eggs and seeing it has a Egg diet and decided to visit the Male Midnight gets angry but Izzy calms it and used her ability to understand them both Izzy asked if his mate is having to many babies and Midnight responded that she is in a diet to have more babies and Izzy decided to name the Midnight Rocco and the Midday Lena as Lena continues to have more eggs they helped out and Izzy looks at Rocko.

”Is Lena okay to have this many baby Rockruff.” Izzy asked as she looks at him.

Rocko looks at her.

”Well I was suggesting to take the eggs to some Trainers and kids who will take care of them but she refuses.” Rocko responses.

Lana notice the time.

”Izzy we should head back to the school the others must be worry about us.” Lana says as she looks at her.

Izzy looks at Rocko.

”See you Rocko take care of Lena.” Izzy Says as she says goodbye.

”Izzy here take one of our eggs it’ll be a gift for helping us.” Rocko Says as she gives him the egg with his son.

Izzy hugs him and heads back to school.

Late at Night, Izzy was staying with Ash and Professor Kukui as she couldn’t sleep after seeing Wanda Maximtoff in real life and wonders how she get here as Pikachu And Blaze becomes worry about Izzy.

Pikachu whispers.

”Izzy are you alright?” Pikachu Says as he looks at her.

Izzy looks at him.

”Yeah nuts can’t stop thinking about Wanda Maximtoff that’s all it feels like I could still see her all the time and trying to figure it out.” Izzy Says as she gets up.

Izzy gets changed into her clothes and writing a note and then walks down.

”Me and Pikachu are coming with you you wont get hurt.” Blaze says as he looks at her.

Izzy is pleased as the two walks out and Ash’s Lycanroc, Litten, Rowlet, And Rotom Pokédex follows them and each of them calls the others Pokémon to follow Izzy.

In the Forest. Izzy, Pikachu and Blaze walks through with the egg in her backpack and they’re startled with them as Izzy makes their voices into Poeple voices.

”Okay what are you guys following us.” Izzy asked as she looks at them.

Rowlet looks at her.

”We are wondering why you’re so weary all the sudden.” Rowlet says as he looks at her.

Izzy admits.

”Fine on my way to the Alola Region I’ve encounter Wanda Maximtoff from Avengers she some how wanted me but I drove the bus to escape her and I got so scared and fearing she would take away my Powers.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Snowy looks at her.

”Hey no one in the Eartn would never take away what makes you, you Iz.” Snowy Says as she looks at her.

Stenee looks at her.

”Yeah Snowy is right don’t let Scarlet Witch scare you so much and try to stay strong.” Stenee Says as she looks at her.

Izzy thanks them and are encountered by seeing Wanda in the woods with her brother Pietro and wonder what they’re doing here and Popplio accidentally exposing themselves they run from them, Izzy try to run but tripped and got caught by Wanda who made Izzy fall asleep and the other Pokémon are shock and try to follow her to see where she is taking Izzy.

Ash wakes up and Found Izzy, Pikachu, Blaze and his Pokémon are gone and found the note and went to tell his friends including Farah who becomes worry for Izzy.

At an abandoned warehouse, The Pokémon follow Wanda and are shock to see Ultron.

”What Ultron is Here he probabky wanted Izzy for a plan.” Blaze Says as he looks at them.

They Hear Ultron‘s plan to use Izzy to make the Avengers on a mind games to learn of her emotions. The others are shock.

”What their using Izzy as a Mind games.” Popplio Says as she looks at them.

They looks at Ultron and attacks him but Pietro And Wanda stops them and takes Izzy with them and follows them and promising they’re not giving up until they retrieve Izzy and gets her home as they went through the Portal and landed into another abandoned building.

In another world, Pikachu and the others wake up.

”Uh Guys are you mall okay.” Pikachu asked as he looks at them.

They nod, Stenee looks around.

“I wonder which universe did we travel through from our world.” Stenee Says as she looks at them.

Togedamaru looks at them.

“Okay we need to find Izzy and get her home before anyone notice she is kidnapped by two characters from a film.” Togedamaru Says as he looks at them.

Snowy sniffs her out.

“Rosie Red, Orange Marigold, Bluebell Blue, Green Pear, Peach Pink, And Yellow Lemon.” Snowy Says as she sniffs.

The others are surprised.

”How did you know the sent of those flowers and Fruits for.” Lycanroc Says as he looks at her.

Snowy looks at him.

”Well Lyncanroc remember the new perfume Izzy made before she and her class arrived here.” Snowy Says as she looks at them.

Blaze looks at them.

”Yeah it was called Poké Ranger spectacular and it always have a strong smell for me to find her Incase she gets lost or taken.” Blaze Says as he understands what Snowy ment.

Pikachu looks at them.

”I think both of them are saying we need to find the sense of the perfume oh yeah will use the bottle she kept on her backpack.” Pikachu Says as he gets out the perfume.

Pikachu opens it and they all smell the sense.

”Whoa That is one strong smell.” Rotom Says as he smells it.

Blaze looks at them.

”Yeah Izzy added new ingredients in her perfume in hopping to make it so strong.” Blaze says as he looks at them.

They gotten the strong sense and follow it, they look for her and Snowy finally got the right smell and they find Izzy and discovered she’s in a sphere.

Lycanroc tried to hear what Ultron is saying.

“Rah what is Ultron going to do with Izzy.” Lycanroc as he tries to listen as he whispers.

Ultron explains his plan.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time to find the one with Pokémon abilities the first one got away but this one wont and she’ll Be good for your Mind trick those Avengers will learn about her and think Pokémon created her and will destroy the Pokémon and the people who will protect them and this will used the people to hate them and the world will be free from hero’s.” Ultron Says as he explains his plans.

The Pokémon are shock by this.

”He’s going to make people hate hero’s forever and if they get a glimpse of Izzy’s past her family and friends will freak out.” Lycanroc Says in surprised.

Wanda puts Izzy’s prison sphere with her in a machine with lasers and rings protecting it and making in untouchable for a person to reach in and they leave the place when they hear The Avengers coming.

The Pokémon come out.

”Izzy, Izabella please wake up.” Blaze Says trying to wake her up from her sleep trance.

Litten looks at him.

”It’s no used that sphere is to strong she can’t be awake unless we destroy the laser and the sphere.” Litten Says as he looks at Blaze.

Blaze is determined to get Izzy out as it uses Flamethrower on the controls and causes the first lasers to turn off.

Pikachu get an idea.

”I know when Blaze used Flamethrower on the controls some of the lasers turned off, maybe we can used our abilities to turned off the lasers and when we get to the rings and Sphere that when we combined our Powers to set her free.” Pikachu Says as he looks at them.

They agree as Pikachu orders Litten and Rowlet to use Fire Fang and Peck as they do and destroy the 2nd lasers as Wanda put some of the Avengers in a mind scape, then Lycanroc uses Rock throw on the sides and Snowy using Powder snow on the sides as well making 3 and 4 lasers down, Stenee notice the mind dreams on 3 Avengers.

”Guys we need to hurry before the Avengers think us Pokémon are evil.” Stenee Says as she looks at them.

Pikachu looks at them.

”Okay Guys we need to hurry, Togedamaru, Charjabug try to Overdrive the system while Stenee, Turtnator, And Marowak nocked out the remaing lasers now lets go.” Pikachu Says as he rushes them.

They agree as Togedamaru and Charjbgame uses electric type moves to Overdrive the systems and it up to the Yellow now. Stenee uses Magical leaf, Turtnator Flamethrower, and Marowak Flare Blitz And take down the last remaining lasers and Now Izzy’s prison has just her sphere and the two rings.

”Okay now Let’s uses all of our abilities to break those rings and sphere, Alright s together.” Pikachu Says as he uses his Thunderbolt and everyonelse uses their ability and the sphere was almost cracked all the way and Pikachu tries his best Thunderbolt and it’s hard but can hear Izzy’s mind telling that she believes in him and loves him this Gives Pikachu enough strength to break the sphere as Izzy falls as Lycanroc catches her and puts her in the floor and they try to wake her up.

Izzy opens her eyes.

”Uh Guys What happened And where are we.” Izzy Says as she panics around her.

Pikachu looks at her.

”Wanda put you in a sleep trance and then that machine Ultron was going to used you to make the Avengers yo see your mind and think Pokémon are bad influence and will destroy us and people who care for Pokémon will destroy them and then they’ll declare Hero’s Illegal.” Pikachu Says as he looks at her.

Izzy is shocked.

”Oh that evil, evil Ultron always getting his way to destroy the Avengers any way her could but how did he know about Power Rangers, Pokémon, and my Pokémon Powers?” Izzy says as she is curious how Ultron and the Maximtoffs would know about her, Power Rangers, and Pokémon in different universe.

They hear the walls crumbling.

Izzy uses detect.

”Uoh, seems like someone already think that right now.” Izzy Says in worries.

The Pokémon and Izzy gotten scared when they see the Hulk broke through and sees Izzy with them.

”Uoh, scatter!” Izzy shouts as they leave out of the way when he broke thew the wall.

They‘re surpised by this.

”Oh my Izzy what’s wrong with Banner?” Marowak Says as he looks at her.

Izzy picks him up and puts him on Turtnator on the back.

”He must still have the effects of Wanda’s mind game now common you Guys some of you will ride on Turtnator and some of you will ride with me on Lycanroc.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Lycanroc Is surprised.

”What you ride me no way your so so crazy with your plans but this one will be the most craziest of all.” Lycanroc Says as he looks at her.

Izzy ties some vines together and put it around Lycanroc‘s snout and becomes annoyed.

”Don’t worry Lycan its what riders do to stay control of horses in your Theory Pokémon now let’s go Lycanroc.” Izzy Says as she looks at him.

Izzy gets out rocks and Lycanroc and Turtnator runs on the rock and try to stop him from wrecking the city.

While jumping on the rocks to the city.

”Who that’s Stark aka Iron Man he must be trying to get Banner under control so let’s get to the city quickly to hep out and I’ll show both of them that Pokémon are good and not evil.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

As they hurry quickly to the city and see civilians getting scared and hurt and Izzy insicts some of them to help the city while she handles the two heros.

Izzy uses her psychic powers to dodge the debris and looks at him.

”Banner stop this madness I know your so determined to get rid of Pokémon that you think are evil but they’re not yes for evil people who want to take over the world but not for Trainers who treats them respect and have friendship with them and that’s what I have and you need to stop being on a rampage and stay calm and listen to Stark and stay control.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

Instead of listening to Izzy, Hulk attacks Izzy as she uses her protect power to protect herself and she gets up and unlock new Powers, as she fights with him and try out her shapeshift Powers, Flying technique, and Invisibility and keeps on getting beaten but her friends protect her. As Stark continued to fight hulk in the city.

Izzy sees the chaos in the malls and helps some people in the mall and the other Pokémon helped out.

”All right then Lycanroc use Rock throw to shield the broken pieces on the west, Stenee use Magical leaf to keep those people to safety on the east, Togedamaru, and Charjabug use your electrical attacks to protect the people on the north, Turtnator, Marowak, and Popplio save those people with the 2nd group, Pikachu and Snowy you'll accompany me and Blaze to stop Hulk from attacking innocents and help Stark with it.” Izzy Says as she gives her Pokémon team directions.

As Izzy and half her team follows the fight as she uses her Psychic power to make the Pokémon float to help her as she uses her flying ability.

She decided to use her explosion to stop this madness as she sends her explosion ability down and shield herself and the others as the electric tower destroyed.

The other Pokémon think they’re gone but found Pikachu, Snowy, And Blaze emerging from the debris and they looks at them.

”Guys Geo Izzy’s burry in the rocks.” Snowy Says as she looks at them.

They’re surprised and help them out and Found Izzy in the rocks as she stands up slowly and she can barely walk.

Stenee looks at her.

”Oh Izzy your leg you’ve must have twisted it from the rock slide.” Stenee Says in surprised.

Izzy can barely walk as Lycanroc catches a glimpse Izzy.

”Guys she’s weak from the explosion she can barely see, walk or move her body.” Lycanroc Says as he looks at them.

They became worry about her health as they get frightened by Hulk who survived the explosion and sees the damage he causes and they get scared by Iron Man punching him in the face and an unconscious Izzy sees him making the Pokémon fall asleep as she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

On a Quinjet, an unconscious Izzy has woke And and all of the Pokémon wake up as well seeing her Okay as she looks around and they see they’re in a cell.

”Man how long were we asleep?” Blaze Says as he looks at Them.

Izzy seez her ankle tended and looks at her watch.

”Man it’s 8:30 Pm and we’ve got here since the morning at 1:00 Pm and we were all asleep for 7 hours on this Quinjet.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

They’re all surprised on how long they slept.

Popplio looks at them.

”It must have been when Stark knocked us out so we don’t get freak out and my theory is he doesn’t trust you or us.” Popplio Says as she looks at them.

Izzy seems confused and uses her sonic hearing to listen to Stark’s conversation with someone from S.H.E.I.L.D as she seems worry on what he’s going to do with them.

”I feel so sorry for the Avengers Members for seeing my memories of you guys I think they’ll really do something about us.” Izzy Says as she seems worried about this.

Stark noticed Izzy and the Pokémon are awake and goes up to Clint and asking where they should go and he responded a safe house. Izzy stays quiet as Stark comes to her cell.

”I’ve notice your Power young girl its seems your a Pokéhuman it’s my theory.” Stark says as he looks at her.

Izzy looks at him.

”Yes I’m a Pokéhuman the first born one from my Mother Angel Grayson the 2nd Red Ranger who Discovered the Pokémon world when she was my age and I’m 12 years old and my name is Izzy short for Izabella with a Z.” Izzy Says as she finally spoked to him.

Stark is amaze.

”So your a born one and your mother is Angel Grayson well if you know your mother was a traitor to us.” Stark says as he looks at her.

Izzy denied it.

”My Mother isn’t a Traitor she helps civilians when she was the Red Ranger and manage to be a Pokémon Trainer at all cost trust she’s not a traitor.” Izzy Says as she looks at him.

Stark gets angrier.

”Well here’s you need to know that your mom was once our friend she keep us together as a team until she later betray us by choosing to solve a solution in Unova by great evil and she destroyed the way for us to get to her and that drove us apart and you don’t understand about Pokémon taking over people’s heart.” Stark says as he looks at her.

Izzy becomes more sadden for Stark judging her mother as a traitor, as Stark closes the cell as Izzy feels scared as she sleeps with the Pokémon and looks at her leg is tended.

Back at the Pokémon Universe, Ash and the others are trying to look for Izzy and their Pokémon as Sophocles found footprints.

”Guys look those must be Izzy’s footprints and the rest of our Pokémon and another set of footprints they’re still warm and are high heals size and they’re still fresh.” Sophocles says as he looks at them.

They follow the tracks in a shed as Mallow found Izzy’s pendant.

”Guys This is Izzy’s pendant so she must have been here with our Pokémon.” Mallow Says as she looks at them.

Lillie sees more footprints.

”Uh Guys I don’t think that someone who must have grabbed Izzy and are Pokémon were fallowing them weren’t alone when this person did that.” Lillie says as she’s frightened who’s been in here.

They’re flashlights point at a build portal and wonder who made it.

Back at the Avengers universe, Izzy is looking at the window.

(Singing Debut)

Lock inside a cell, trap in a jet, people who just think who we can’t be who we really are,

I will never give up, with out a fight I have my friends from my world and in Pokémon I’ve been so strong but when my mother and brother were gone I’ve sealed myself and only talk to the people I care for and the Pokémon I’ve care for,

But what if I want to open up my door again and let the people who I also cared again! But will my fears and sadness goes away but I Now I can face it again!

My heart of love, love, my love and Kindness of love!

(Izzy’s song ends)

As she looks out of the window before the ship landed to the safe house she went to rest with the Pokémon and hope to feel better.

As the Quinjet arrived at the safe house, where Clint’s Family is as the Avengers settle in, Izzy finally woke up from the trip to the safe house as She looks out the window and wakes up the Pokémon.

”Wake up guys it’s time for us to leave this cell and find away to stop Ultron… oh no where’s the Rockruff egg.” Izzy Says as she looks at them, then remembers the egg.

Blazd gets her backpack.

”Here Izzy I remember you gave your backpack to Turtnator before you took off.” Blaze Says as he looks at her.

Izzy gets her backpack and gets out the egg.

”Phew thanks Turtnator for keeping if safe!” Izzy Says as she gets shock in her eye.

”Guys the egg is about to hatch we’ve got to get out of here.” Pikachu Says as he looks at them.

Charjabug looks at them.

”But how the door is solid.” Charjabug says as he looks at them.

Izzy then remembers something.

”Oh yeah I can uses my string shot to makes the door slippery than use my Rescue Blaster to blast it open but I need some bug type help, ALRIGHT BUTTERFREE TAKE TO THE RESCUE.” Izzy Says as she looks at them and calls out her Butterfree.

The Pokémon are amaze that she has a Butterfree.

”Alright Butterfree Let’s use string shot together.” Izzy Says as she commands it.

Butterfree agrees and they both used String shot together as the door became more slippery.

”Okay here it goes Rescue Blaster engags.” Izzy Says as she and Butterfree stops and she gets out her Blaster from her shoe and blasted the door open.

Izzy gets on Lycanroc‘s back.

”Okay Guys Let’s Get our of Here without drawing ourselves some detection and make sure we get this egg hatches to an environment that will be healthy.” Izzy Says as she looks at them.

They agree as they tiptoed across the field without Tony and Steve catching them and then they ran to the forest as far away.

As they reach into the middle of the forest.

”Okay Lycanroc this will be a good place to help the egg hatch and it’s happening now, quick Stenee get my medical supplies.” Izzy Says as she looks at her.

Stenee gets her kit and gives it to Izzy.

Izzy rubs on the egg to keep it warm and she gets its health and all of the sudden its glowing so brightly and it hatches Into a Rockruff.

”Yes it hatched I cant believe it it’s so awesome to hatch an egg for the first time.” Izzy Says as she seems happy to see it.

The others are amaze to see the Rockruff egg hatches and see it.

”Rocky it’s so great to finally meet you.” Izzy Says as she looks at the Rockruff.

Rocky seems excited to meet Izzy as well, Izzy feels happy as well to see him as well.


• Isabela Moner as Izzy Grayson

• Nolan Gerald Funk as Chip Samuell

  • Isaac Ryan Brown as 12 year old, Oliver Rawling

• Bradley McIntosh as Oliver Rawlings

• Spencer Locke as Paula Lee

• Amanda Seyfried as Farah Grayson

• Danielle Campbell as Mallory Smith

  • Winslow Fegley as 7 year old, Jared Smith

• Christian Traeumer as Jared Smith

Pokémon Characters Pokémon[]

  • Pikachu
  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Lycanroc
  • Rotom Pokédex
  • Turtnator
  • Alolan Marowak
  • Stenee
  • Popplio
  • Alolan Vulpix
  • Togademaru
  • Charjabug

Rangers Pokémon[]

Izzy’s Pokémon[]


  • Oshawatt


  • Turtwig


  • Snivy

Farah’s []

  • Fenneki

Angel’s (Flashback) & (Photo)[]

  • Charizard
  • Pidgeot
  • Quilava
  • Totodile
  • Sceptile
  • Swellow
  • Glaceon