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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is the seventh season of Power Rangers. 
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)
Vital statistics
Number 7

Number of Episodes 50
First Episode Quasar Quest (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Last Episode Journey's End (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date February 6, 1999 – December 18, 1999
Producer Saban Entertainment
Author Unknown
Production Order

Synopsis Edit



Color Role
Galaxy Red Leo Corbett (Danny Slavin)Karone Kenta Henderson (Melody Perkins)
Galaxy Green Damon Henderson (Reggie Rolle)
Galaxy Blue Kai Chen (Archie Kao)
Galaxy Yellow Maya Hikaru (Cerina Vincent)
Galaxy Pink Kendrix Morgan Corbett (Valerie Vernon)
Magna Defender II Mike Corbett (Russell Lawrence)
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