Power Rangers Rainbow Express Force is an fan adaption of ressha sentai toqgers and it is a fan written novel series this is a concept show celebrateing the anniversary season featureing never seen before rangers


Every Train stations around california had been corrupted and taken over by Dark Rail Station and every people had been kidnapped the leader known as Emni Gail the leader his plans is to capture the five rainbow trains power source but the young boy and newly recruited team of power rangers Rainbow Express Force step in to deal with this threat.From the help of three rangers they begin the quest to defeat the new threat

Main Rainbow Express Force Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Rainbow Red Ranger Lucas Aether
Rainbow Blue Ranger Zachary Jackson
Rainbow Yellow Ranger Amy Alison
Rainbow Green Ranger William Sanduos
Rainbow Pink Ranger Melissa Stones
Rainbow Engineer Ranger Jordan Harrison

Other and exclusive rangers
Designation Name Actor
Rainbow Purple Ranger
Rainbow Skyblue Ranger
Rainbow White Ranger
Rainbow Black Ranger

Supporting Characters

Roseline aether

Aurthor aether

Melissa aether

Conductor Mike Taylor



Dark Rail Express Station


Emni Gail


Featured Monsters


Foot Soilders


Zords and Megazords

Rainbow Rail Megazord

Red Train Zord

Blue Train Zord

Yellow Train Zord

Pink Train Zord

Green Train Zord


Episode 1 Darkness Unleashed Part 1

Episode 2 Darkness Unleashed Part 2

Episode 3 Bragging Score

Episode 4 unknown Destination

Episode 5 darkness station invasion

Episode 6 Rising of the new rangers

Episode 7 Assassin's Quest

Episode 8 Brand new alliy

Episode 9 Mystery Orange Ranger

Episode 10 Conductor is a Ranger

Episode 11 into the other dimension

Episode 12 Wrath of alternative world

Episode 13 Multiverse Closing in

Episode 14 Full speed ahead

Episode 15 Super Express Warrior

Episode 16 how to not expect

Episode 17 Road to Final Destination

Episode 18 Changing the Destination

Episode 19 Destination Crash Course Part 1

Episode 20 Destination Crash course Part 2

Episode 21 Purple Friend

Episode 22 Lost Rangers

Episode 23 Seperation from our friends

Episode 24 Helping hands

Episode 25 Curse of an video game

Episode 26 Country world wide hunt

Episode 27 leaking an info

Episode 28 Resident Darkness

Episode 30 fallen warrior

Episode 31 bringing back memories

Episode 32 into the 2nd realm

Episode 33 entering dark engine station

Episode 34 dark engine station world

Episode 35 final showdown Part 1

Episode 36 Final Showdown Part 2

Episode 37 the final battle Part 1

Episode 38 the final battle part 2

Episode 39 the confronting

Episode 40 no way home

Episode 41 making impossible escape from darkness

Episode 42 Victory is ours


This fan series bring ideas from kikai sentai zenkaiger even if this show was adapted in this versinon it starts with three rangers Red/Green/Pink

This bring the ideas from Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger even Keisatsu Sentai Patranger start with those three rangers on that team

This is the 1st time it have three color Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink color core time Power Rangers Rescue Zeo and Timeforce and Power Rangers Samurai

this show will be 1st ever longest season since mighty morphin power rangers where it almost have longest running episode in season 1

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