With the knowledge of a cougar-Shaolin Fury Cougar Ranger!

- Reggie's roll call

Reggie Morgan was the Shaolin Fury Cougar Ranger of Power Rangers: Shaolin Fury, and the Warrior of the Shaolin Fury Rangers.


Reggie was a new guy in town that was discovered by Master Tao after he enters the temple. Master Tao gives Reggie a Cougar Shaolin Morpher to begin the first training. Reggie appears to save Dane, Michael, Harvey, Sarah and Chloe from the sea animal monsters Crabash and Lobstershi. Also he manage to destroy Crabash with his Megazord power but Lobstershi escapes. Dane ask Reggie to join the team but he accept the offer. Master Tao is pleased that Reggie finish his first battle. The Cougar Shaolin Warrior


Reggie was the Confident, Cool, and friendly 20-year-old boy. He like to play martial arts during in his activities in his childhood.


Reggie was 20-years-old and he was African-American and has black short hair and brown eyes. He wears Purple T-Shirt, Black Jacket, Black jeans and Purple and Black sneakers and wearing the Purple Cougar Shaolin Uniform.

Shaolin Fury Cougar RangerEdit



  • Cat Shaolin Morpher (Cougar) - Allows Reggie to morph into the Shaolin Fury Cougar Ranger.
  • Shaolin Kunai - Reggie's primary weapon.


This is a first season to have the Cougar-motif Ranger.

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