Samuel Nakaoka the Second is the main central protagonist in Sentai series. He is the son of the previous hero and the BEAST King Reinzuya Nakaoka as well the reincarnation of Mirasia. Revealed in Galaxy Saga by his friend: Brajira of the Messiah (who he became suspicious that Mirasia is plotting her plan) and Tsukasa Kado (who reveals to them about Samuel Nakaoka's true plot), he is true central antagonist and the co-leader of the Quartzer that his true plan is revealed: To merge all worlds and himself and become the true BEAST God. But, thanks to Tsukasa's benevolent words that he remind about saving him from his evil within and erase the Rider War in the past and befriend his friends, he's finally change his heart dramatically. His physical body was destroyed along with Xenosa, but his spirit returns to the near present time and possess Skye Zaizen to test his granddaughter to became his successor before his body was returned. After Daromin, the malevolent god of all control is defeated, Samuel Nakaoka retire the hero of the worlds because of his past actions of Quartzers combined with his past murdering crimes of Regionald and Kolda, Daromin's words about all world's true savior and Menoa's arrested.




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Tsukasa sadly tell him about Samuel Nakaoka the Second's behavior and revealed them that he has recovered all of his memories completely after repairing the Memory Zone since he obtains all 100 BEAST Memories and seven Memorian Number cards.

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