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"Go, Go Samurai"-Transformation Call

"Samurai Ranger, Ready"-Roll Call

"Samurai Rangers, victory is ours!" ―Sarah's words after a Megazord battle win

Sarah Shiba is the eldest daughter of Lauren and the niece of Jayden. In addition, Sarah is the current Red Samurai Ranger and the 19th head of the Shiba clan. Sarah is the older sister of Sophia. And is the leader of the new Samurai Rangers in (Power Rangers: Samurai)


Early life[]

Sarah was a young girl just years after Master Xandred was defeated by the previous Samurai Rangers led by her mom and uncle.

Ranger duties[]

While Sarah is attending school her freshmen year with her friends she senses something in the distances and she and her friends run to the center of the city and see Moogers appear all of the sudden A New Samurai Beginning Part One, Sarah and her friends try their best to fight them but are easily beaten back till her mother hands her the Samurai Morpher she used but modified to work just like her uncles and the others were given Morphers as well and Sarah became the new leader for the Samurai Rangers.


  • Samuraizer Morpher
  • Samurai Disks
  • Spin Sword
    • Fire Smasher
  • Black Box

Mega M\mode[]

  • Mega Blade

Super Samurai mode[]

  • Black Box
  • Spin sword
    • Super Spin sword

Super Mega mode[]

  • Super Mega Blade
    • Mega Blade
    • Black Box
  • Shogun Buckle (not used)


  • Lion Folding Zord
  • Tiger Zord


Underneath her tough exterior, Sarah has feelings for one guardian of the Samurai Foldingzords the Bullzord but she knows the battle against the Nighloks comes first.


Interview Vanessa Hudgens[]