"It's Morphin Time, Dragonforce Unleash!"-Morphing Call

"With the Power of the Ice Dragon Crystal, Dragonforce White Ranger!"-Roll Call

Shane Marks is the 6th Ranger of the team and wields the Ice Saber in Power Rangers: Dragonforce.

Early LifeEdit


Shane Marks was born in 2008 to a wonderful family and his mother was a cop and his dad was in the Military Marine Branch as a Drill Sergeant, Shane was a wonderful kid to his parents never got in trouble or been in fights any kind of street gang.


At the Age of 10 Shane and his parents moved to Angel Grove and where his mother had a job as a nurse there and he had problems after the move and his father's death over seas in Iraqi.


In 2014 at the age of 17 he and his mother moved to Reefside where Shane met Terra, May, Jason, Julia, and Bryan and the six became great friends but it had a rocky start though.

Ranger DutiesEdit


While on a field trip with his classmates Shane discovered the Dragon Ice Crystal those it had a dark glow to it and then Shane was transformed into a Power Ranger but he worked on the side of Evil, he battled Terra and the other Rangers many times and came out with wins and even drained the Teams powers briefly.



  • Dragonforce Morpher
  • Dragon Blaster/Blade
  • Dragon Ice Saber


  • Ice Dragon Zord



Shane Marks is being portrayed by: Joe Jonas.