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"Let's Rocket it!"-Morphing Call

"Red Space Ranger!"-Roll Call

Skye is the daughter of Andros and Ashley Hammond and is the new Red Space Ranger. (Power Rangers In Space)

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Skye is an half alien and half human on KO-35 with her father and trained to be a Power Ranger just like her parents she has two siblings and older sister and a younger brother she loves spending time with her mother on Earth when KO-35 was under attack she and her best friend Zhane battle Dark Bots when Zhane sacrifice himself to save Skye from the explosion and take him into hypersleep as she left KO-35 to find new Space Rangers.

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Skye is a free spirit girl with amazing telekinesis like her dad and aunt Karone she’s a fearless tomboy and will do anything to protect her two homeworlds from Astria and her evil forces with her friends by her side she feels stronger and bravery in her heart.

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