​"It's Morphin Time, Dragonforce Unleashed!"​-Morphing Call

"​With the Power of the Water Dragon Crystal, Dragonforce Blue Ranger!" -​Roll Call

Steven Mason is the Blue Dragonforce Ranger and controls the Water Dragon zord and wields the Dragon Lance in Power Rangers: Dragonforce.


Early LifeEdit

Steven was a guy who was just picked on alot in school and had barely any friends in school that was till he met Terra and May the three became great friends then he met the former Cheer leader Julia and Football Quarter back Bryan Mitchell and the five became good friends.

Ranger dutiesEdit

When King Malkor and his minions were released from their prison Steven was chosen to become the Dragonforce Blue Ranger by Terra's father Tommy Oliver he wields the Dragon Lance and controls the Water Dragon Zord.

His first battle as a Ranger went well him and his friends were able to defeat their first monster with the Dragon Cannon blast and they celebrated their first victory against one of Vexlis monsters, His second battle was a bad one against Laval Dual Slasher but till Terra exploted a weakness on the Slasher's right side he and the other Rangers were able get a victory hard fought but well earned victory. The Next battle was against a machine that was too tough for him to take down till Tommy learned about the weakness of fire and he and the other Rangers were able to defeat him with the help of the Dragon Megazord, the next fight was a hard one it was against one of Vexlis long lost Generals Utopia where the battle almost cost Steven and his friends their Zords.


Steven likes science and math, and hopes one day to get into a tech school that he can use his tech skills to design different types of technology that can be used to better the world.


  • Dragonforce Morpher
  • Dragon Blaster/Blade
  • Dragon Lance
  • Dragon Armor


He controls the Water Dragon Zord


Steven Mason is Portrayed by: Boo Boo Stewart 

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