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very long ago in 1949 B.C era there a old temple in greece.The 5 warriors have journey to find the hidden Treasure and on the way there they were ambushed by a evil army call Gamma Dark Force Empire and their objectived is to steal every treasure collection from the hidden temple and use it to destory the universe

Story Edit

long ago in Land Groudion Tribe houses the ancient temple that sealed off the legendary treasure that dark force of evil tried to steal and it up to the three rushranger who are willing to reclaim and theyre allies the water tribe will join them

Characters Edit

Rangers Rushranger Edit

Sky Groudion RangerEdit

Designation Role Gender
Strike Red 16 predecessors/Robin Yazo male
Strike Blue 16 predecessors/Ruby Yazo female
Strike Green 16 predecessors/Sky Yazo male

Land Groudion Ranger

Designation Role Gender
Strike Yellow male
Strike Pink female
Strike Green male

Mountain Groudion Twins

Designation Role Gender
Strike Purple Female
Strike Orange Male

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Power Rangers counterpart Edit

Power Rangers Strike Racer

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