"Go Galactic"-Morphing Call

"Galaxy Red"-Roll Call

"Red Armor Ranger"-Battleizer call

"Lights of Orion Activate"-Armor call

Taylor Corbett is the second Galaxy Red. She is the daughter of Leo and Kendrix Corbett. She is also the neice of Mike Corbett and the middle Corbett child. (Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy)


Early LifeEdit

Taylor Corbett was born after the events of Trakeena's Revenge Parts 1 and 2 of Power Ranger Lightspeed Rescue. 

Megaforce (2013)Edit

At the age of 12 she trains with her father Leo to be very skilled and some day be a ranger just like her parents were. She hangs out with her two siblings Jonathan and Jessica.

Super Megaforce (2014)Edit

In 2014 Taylor was at the age of 13 during the events of Super Megaforce their dad leaves for Earth to fight in the Legendary War, Taylor, her siblings and mother hug him. Taylor waits for her father to return which he did and the world was safe. In 2015 Taylor is at the age of 14 training in the forest with her friends and sister then they are shown the five Quaser Sabers that their parents and their friends wielded. 

Ranger DutiesEdit


  • Transmorpher
  • Transdagger
  • Quasar Saber
  • Quasar Launcher
  • Lights of Orion
  • Armored battlizer


  • Jet Jammer
  • Astro Cycle


  • Lion Galactic Beast

Personality Edit


Family Edit



Background InformationEdit

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