"It's Morphin Time, Dragonforce unleash"!-Morphing Time

"With the Power of the Dragon fire Crystal, Dragonforce Red Ranger!"-Roll Call

Terra Oliver is Dragonforce Red Ranger and the leader of Power Rangers: Dragonforce and is the daughter of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Oliver.


Early LifeEdit

Terra was born in 2002 in Angel Grove Hospital and her mother and father are both former Ranger, Tommy and Kimberly Hart Oliver who retired from Ranger duty to have a happy life together after the events in Turbo, a few years ago Terra lost her Brother Bobby Oliver to a "car wreck", not much was the same after that Terra was in her own world, her, Tommy and Kim moved to Reefside to start a new life but her father was called into Ranger duty when an evil Dinosaur by the name of Mesagog started attacking the city.

Ranger DutiesEdit

Terra was 15 going into Reefside High as a Freshmen, After Mesagog's defeat Terra was at the age of 16 and she met May, Steven, Julia, and Bryan and they all became good friends it wasn't till 2015 this new villain, Queen Vexlis, surfaced she and her friends were selected by Tommy to wield the five Ancient Dragon Crystals, her first battle as a Ranger was easy to complete.

But when her and the other Rangers went up against Slasher it was the toughest battle she had but with the help of her friends she was able to defeat him, Her battle with Reactor Y FI Terra got to pilot her Zord Red DragonZord, and was able to defeat it.

Encountering UtopiaEdit


Terra is a harden young girl trained in the martial Arts by her father and god father but she's nice as a kitty and she wants to keep the world safe from evil.


  • Dragonforce Morpher
  • Dragon Blaster
  • Dragon fire Saber
  • Red Dragonzord
  • Dragon fire Knight Armor


She's tall somewhat has muscles light burnettee hair in the opening sequence she has black hair like her father Tommy but she puts highlights into it later on.


  • Terra Oliver is played by Debbie Ryan.
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