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The Masked Rider Guardian
Vital statistics
Number 2

Number of Episodes Unknown
First Episode Returning to Earth Part 1
Last Episode The End of Darkness

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date 6/12/18
Producer Haim Saban
Author Dragonboy546
Production Order

The Mask Rider Guardian is a spin-off from The Mask Rider from the spin off from the veteran Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Plot Edit

When the evil Dregon was destroyed Dex Stewart went back to Edenoi for the summer when he and his friends found an 8 year old shy girl name Kit Dex read her mind and saw that her Parents were friends with his grandfather and was on a Space Ship that was taken them to study the life on space when everyone else escape except for her parents that makes her an orphan Lexian allows her to stay in Edenoi for they will teach her the Edenoi way as she would teach them the life in Earth for 7 years Kit is a grow teenager and was chosen to have the Masked Rider Guardian powers as a new evil came by as Dex take Kit to his adopted family and excepting her and now Dex and Kit must defeat the new evil to save Earth.

Main Cast Edit

T.J Roberts as Prince Dex Stewart/Masked Rider

Jessie Mueller as Kit Stewart

Rheannon J. Slover as Molly Stewart

Ashton McArn as Albee Stewart

David Stenstrom as Hal Stewart

Candace Kita as Barbara Stewart

Allies Edit

Color Role Actors
Red Dino Ranger Jayden Scott Vanessa Ann Hudgens
Black Dino Ranger Freddie Jenkins Zac Efron
Yellow Dino Ranger Jenna Mason Nina Dobrev
Blue Dino Ranger Jeremy Cranston Corbin Bleu
Pink Dino Ranger Hannah Hart Selena Gomez
White Tiger Bobby Oliver TBA

Villains Edit

RoboRider Donais

Episodes Edit

  1. Returning to Earth Part 1
  2. Returning to Earth Part 2
  3. License and Hills
  4. Pet Nappers
  5. Bugs on the Rampaged
  6. Arcade Abby
  7. Super, Super Gold Part 1
  8. Super, Super Gold Part 2
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