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The Power Rangers Beast Fury
Number 101
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First episode: The New Threat
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Intro: The Ranger's Harmony
Adapted from: Keijidōsha Sentai Riserger
Adapted into:
Original airing: February 5, 2021
Author: Zekons
Production Order
Power Rangers: BEAST Steel

The Power Rangers Beast Fury is the 101th season of PR the Series and the second season of The Power Rangers series as well the sequel of PR the Series Movie: Beast Fury. This series is about Shiho and her friends, having won the battle against Omegavorious only now the new enemy from the parallel dimension approaching on the Earth and aid Shadow and the past foes to conquer.

This season is based on Shattered Grid with some elements of Riserger's plot and will be crossover of the other anime/cartoon like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and even Bakugan series. Also, their designs will be the style similar to PR Ben 10: Omniverse and Transformers Prime.


Dynas Arc[]

Months later after Omegavorious' defeats, Shiho and the others


Team Shiho[]

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Color Core Ranger Information
Tyranno Shiho Suzui A promoted student of the legendary Red Ranger Samuel Nakaoka the Second who become the new Red Ranger as well the successor of Samuel Nakaoka the Second.
Smilo Boruto Uzumaki The son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga who is hot-headed ninja boy who become the Yellow Ranger.
Styraco Xatuz Formerly criminal of the Intergalactic Federation that befriended by Shiho and Boruto who become the Blue Ranger.

Legend Veterans[]

Color Ranger
Red Ranger Samuel Nakaoka the Second
Shark Ranger Tsumiki Kashiwagi
Lion Ranger Kumon Kai


  • Toriko
  • Zeena
  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Master Eon
  • Yuma Tsukumo
  • Astral
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko


Dynas Empire/Void Empire[]

  • Leader
    • Lady Dynas - The Slayer Ranger from the different dimension.
    • Santaura/Void Queen - An true main antagonist
  • Generals
    • Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Goldar
    • Rito Revolto
    • Dr. Neo Cortex
    • Tarrick/Void Knight
  • Footsoldiers
    • Ranger Sentries
  • Different Dimension Monsters
    • Phazon Tyrant (1-2)
    • Gator Ghoul (3)
    • Ogremadillo (4)
    • TBA (5)
    • TBA (6)
    • TBA (7)
    • TBA (8)
    • TBA (9)
    • TBA (10)
    • TBA (11)
    • TBA (12)
    • TBA (13)
    • TBA (14)
    • TBA (15)
  • Other villains
    • Kirinmaru (10-17)
    • Lord Zedd (14-19)


Main article: Arsenals (Beast Fury)

Biotech Arsenals[]

  • Fury Shift Morpher -
    • Morpher Keys -
    • Zord Keys
  • Dino Beast Blaster
    • T-Rex Sword
    • Smilodo Kunai
    • Styraco Lance

Other Arsenals[]


After the movie, the Guardianzords; the Cybertronians are adapted into their battle forms called Battlezords and Championzords which they can transform either into Battlezords (Beast Mode) and Championzords (Warrior Mode) in battle or back into Guardianzords outside in battle.

Main Zord System[]

  • Phoenix Fury Megazord
    • Megazord
      • Tyranno Battlezord/Tyranno Championzord
      • Smilo Battlezord/Smilo Championzord
      • Styraco Battlezord/Styraco Championzord
    • Phoenix Battlezord
      • Tortoise Championzord
      • Swan Championzord
      • Mole Championzord

Alternate Zord System[]

  • Tortoshield Megazord
    • Tortoise Championzord
  • Swanblade Megazord
    • Swan Championzord
  • Moledrill Megazord
    • Mole Championzord


Dynas Arc (Yashahime Saga)[]

The first arc that represents Yashahime.

  1. The New Threat (Shiho and the others learned that Samuel Nakaoka's legacy is mysteriously disappeared according to Professor Paradox and the new enemy that is stronger than Omegavorious called Dynas Empire, Part One)
  2. The Continued Legacy (Shiho and the others decide to continue Samuel Nakaoka's legacy which Paradox declares Shiho will be Samuel Nakaoka's successor, Part Two)
  3. Into the Void
  4. What is the Fish (The Nexus Prism reappearance briefly in the end of the episode)
  5. The Origin Reveals (It was revealed that Morphin Master Red is Samuel Nakaoka the Second which he merged with almost erased Samuel Nakaoka)
  6. Willing or Unwilling (Tortoise Championzord first appearance)
  7. The Dark Clash
  8. Sesshomaru's Daughters (Touwa Higuashi, Setsuna, and Moroha, the daughters of both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha first appearance)
  9. The Blade of Purification (Swan Championzord first appearance)
  10. Monster Mash (Kirinmaru, an supporting antagonist first appearance and it was revealed that Void Knight who was Tarrick's goal is to revive his lover Santaura)
  11. The Chaos Sword (Dynas obtains the Chaos Sword before Kirinmaru tried to obtain it)
  12. Digging inside the Hole (Mole Championzord first appearance)
  13. The Phoenix Calls (Phoenix Battlezord, the combination of three auxiliary Championzords first appearance)
  14. Challenging the Foe in the Past (Lord Zedd returns as supporting antagonist role, but he was weakened because of the Tree of the God is destroyed by Venjix few years ago)
  15. Touwa's Secrets
  16. Kirinmaru's Rampage (Kirinmaru nearly killed Setsuna, Part One)
  17. The Origin (Kirinmaru was defeated by Shiho's demigod powers, Part Two)
  18. Final Episode: The Other Realms (This episode will be conclusion of Dynas's battle as Shiho won and spare him and as well sending Dynas to the unknown location by the newly combined Phoenix Fury Megazord. However, Kirinmaru is absorbed by Santaura by using her truly revived Chaos Sword. This will following to the second arc called Amphibia Arc)

Realms of the Amphibia Arc (Amphibia Saga)[]

The second arc that represents Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

  1. Terror of the Darkness (Santaura makes the full appearance and revealed that she is responsible who sent Lady Dynas from the unknown dimension to the mainstream dimension and absorbed Kirinmaru in the season 1 finale and kill Lord Zedd for failing to destroy her old foe, Shiho Suzui, Part One)
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  • This is the second series featuring the female Red Ranger, the first being is Power Rangers: BEAST Steel.
  • The Cybertronian/Guardianzords' designs are shared by PR Transformers: Prime.