"One! S.P.D. Red Ranger!"- S.P.D. Red Ranger's roll call

"S.W.A.T. Mode Red!"-S.P.D. Red Ranger's roll call in S.W.A.T. Mode.

"You're going down!"-Tina's word before finishing her opponent in a megazord battle

Tina Tate is the little sister of Jeremy Tate and the daughter of Sky Tate and Syd Drew. (Power Rangers: SPD)


Early LifeEdit

Tina started training in D Squad at the age of 16 with her best friend Kayla Landors the two Girls get along not like their father's when they were in B Squad She is also friends with Kyle Carson and Lindsey Delgado and train so hard with her brother.

Ranger DutiesEdit

When Tina and Kayla were training for they're test to get into B-Squad they helped they're friends in battle of CryBots when her brother was in danger Tina became the Red SPD Ranger and Ariana Smith promoted them to B-Squad with the Others.


Normal modeEdit

  • SPD Morpher
  • Delta Blasters
  • Patrol Cycle

Swat ModeEdit

  • Delta Enforcer

Battlizer modeEdit

Cyber modeEdit

  • Magna Morpher
  • SPD Battlizer

Sonic ModeEdit

  • Magna Morpher
  • RIC Armor
  • RIC Saber





  • Sky Tate - Father/Commanding officer
  • Syd Drew - Mother
  • Jeremy Tate - Older Brother
  • James Thomas-Ex Boyfriend turn criminal
  • Officer Tate - Grandfather (Deceased)
  • Mrs. Tate - Grandmother
  • Mrs. Drew - Grandmother
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