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"Titanium Power!"

Ryan uses the Titanium Morpher to morph into the Titanium Ranger.

Stolen by Ryan Mitchell, this advanced prototype morpher was too dangerous to be used by any of the other Lightspeed Rangers.

Ryan was prevented from using his morpher for a time, when Diabolico cursed him with a cobra tattoo that threatened to climb further up his back each time he morphed, until finally it would reach his neck and kill him. It was only after a means was found to remove the curse that Ryan could return to his duty as the Titanium Ranger.

Although originally intending to return their morphers once Mariner Bay was secure, the Lightspeed Rangers chose to remain active for some time afterwards. What ultimately became of the Lightspeed morphers and technology is unknown; however, Ryan did use the Titanium Morpher one final time in Time for Lightspeed to aid his fellow Lightspeed Rangers (who used their Rescue Morphers), as well as the Time Force Rangers, in defeating the undead Vypra.

Morphing Sequence[]

To become the Titanium Ranger, Ryan would call out "Titanium Power!" and press a black tab under the V-shaped center panel on the blue and silver morpher to open it up, revealing the Lightspeed Rescue symbol, activating it. A much larger V shape would then descend over his body to form his suit, and a gas mask would already be fitted, then his visor would slide down, completing the morph. (Note: In his very first morph, displayed to the left, Ryan was seen in his regular clothes before activating the Titanium Morpher, but was then seen wearing his yet-to-be-acquired Lightspeed Jacket just as he is activating the Titanium Morpher; this bizarre tradition of a Power Ranger morphing in their yet-to-be-acquired Power Ranger uniform during their very first morph is followed by Cam, Jack, Mack, RJ, Dom, and Antonio).