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Tommy’s Solo Battle Is A Live-Action Short Based On Power Rangers.


From Tommy’s P.O.V.

I Couldn’t Believe It. All My Friends Had Gone On Vacation. All Of Them. Even Alpha And Zordon (Countdown To Destruction: Zordon‘s Death Never Happened In My Head-Canon.) Had Left Me In Charge. That Means...Peace And Quiet At Last!

Normal View

High Above The Earth...A Monster Is Looking Down At Angel Grove.

??? - Perfect. The Rangers Are Out Of Town. This Is Going To Be...Fun! (Evily Laughs)

From Tommy’s P.O.V.

I Was In Bed, When I Heard A Rumble. My Ranger Instincts Kicking In, I Imediatly Teleported To The Vacant Command Centre And Got The Image On The Viewing Globe. It Showed An Alien Amarda Coming From Space.

Me - That‘s Not Good! I Guess This Is My First Solo Battle. Let’s Do This!

I Raced To Where The Morphers Are Stored. (Yes, It’s Set In An Alternate Universe That Appeared After Beast Morphers) And Went To My Set.

Me - Let’s See...I Don’t Think I Can Pilot Any Of The Megazords On My Own. And The Rest I Can’t Summon Until They're Repaired, So...

I Grabbed My Zeonizers, Slotted Them Onto My Arms And Called Out The Three Famous Words.

Me - It’s Morphin Time!

I Quickly Raised My Arms, Brought Them Out And Linked Them, Starting The Transformation Sequence.

Me - Zeo Ranger V, Red!

Within Seconds Of The Transformation Being Complete, I Rode My Zeo Jet Cycle V To Where The Monster Was Attacking.

??? - So, The Rangers Wanted To Leave The Leader In Charge? They’ve Made A Crucial Mistake.

Me - I Don’t Think So! Zeo V Power Sword!

The Sword Instantly Appeared In My Hand. We Battled For A While, Until The Monster Was Nearing Destrution.

Me - Let‘s Finish This! Summon, Zeo Cannon!

The Cannon Appeared In Front Of Me. Knowing I Couldn’t Aim It Correctly Without My Team, The Monster Started Firing At Me. I Quickly Loaded The Zeo Power Cells, Then, Thinking Ahead, I Mounted The Cannon On My Sholder Like A Rocket Launcher, And Aimed Right At Him.

Me - Here's A Piece Of Advice, Don't Mess With The Power Rangers. FIRE!!