Vaigo (ヴァイゴ Vuaigo?) is the mysterious ally of Aiji's Adventures Saga and the alter-ego of Aoi Zaizen/Blue Maiden (who was Samuel Nakaoka the Second's second female identity) with KaijinFusionary of Naria and Medusa Phantom CharakCapsules.



Though she is the benevolent being, Vaigo is also merciless that someone brutally killed a person and taunting or tortures someone else as she watches everything; in this case, Millaarc killed a girl and taunts Tsubasa and Vaigo arrives and brutally tortures her by using several enemies.


As Vaigo, she used the upgraded variant of Zi-O Driver called V/aI-O Driver to transforms into her Ranger Form. When she used her V/aI-O EVOwatch, she combines any CharakCapsules and/or Ridewatches to transforms into EVO Ranger form.

Aoi Zaizen

Her human identity by using Naria and Medusa Phantom CharakCapsules in order to kept her secrets.

"V-a-I-O! V/aI-O~!"
―Transformation announcement

V/aI-O is Vaigo's Ranger form accessed by V/aI-O Charak Capsule within Charakwatch.



DriveEllsa EVO

DriveEllsa EVO is V/aI-O's Drive/Ellsa hybrid Ranger Form accessed by V/aI-O EVOwatch by using Drive Ridewatch and Ellsa CharakCapsule.



"Absolute Zero, Raigeki Tenkai! Bliz~za-Sto~rm~"
―Blizza-Storm transformation announcement

Blizza-Storm is V/aI-O's hybrid Final Form accessed by Blue Angel B/S EVOwatch. This form is the combination of Kamen Rider Blizza and her primary Ranger form V/aI-O as well her true Ranger Form. Furthermore, like Aiji who become KojuRed Kaio, she can summons her allies, but she can also summons villains from the past like Hiryu who become Zi-O II.


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