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Via is The daughter of Dillon and Summer Landsdown and the sister of Ryan and the new Black RPM Ranger. (Power Rangers: RPM)


Early lifeEdit

Via was young after Venjix destruction and she likes having to spend her time with her Mom and Dad and likes to hang out with her brother after her brother‘s death she spends her time with her dad while her Mom was at work one day they’re was a disaster in an old factory in Triyon where robot virus were capturing people as Via went back to get her teddy bear Talia her Dad, Mom, and aunt went back for her as her dad let’s her mom take her out as he stayed behind as the factory blew up and Via think her dad is dead and is devastated.

Ranger Duties Edit

For 14 years it was only 2 more days until Via’s 18th birthday and she doesn’t seem to celebrate her birthday for 2 more days she misses her dad so much and when she was listening to her radio and heard a transmission from Corinth and thinks her dad is alive and decided to leave and not for her mother and aunt saying that she’s leaving to Corinth and Derek convince her to bring her with her and she did as the 2 left Triyon and into Corinth where she meets her friends from Corinth Marley Truman, Nick McAllister, and Lindsey Cooper where they fight a new virus And Via became the New Black RPM Ranger.

Episode 9: Back to the Factory

Via, Marley, and Nick went to the factory that caused Dillon’s death and Marley discovered Dillon’s watch and Via says that he never goes anywhere without it and Via feels like she’s nearly closed to finding him.

Episodd 14: Memory of the Dillyon 5

Dillyon was assigned to find a piece in the factory when Via was in there looking for clues for her dad when she fought off Dillyon but he saw her locket and look inside it and look at the picture of Dillon, Summer, Tenaya, Via and Ryan in the picture and looks at her shocked as a virus robot came by and attack them as she contacts the others when the robot was came to hit her Dillyon protect her hearing from Via’s mother that her dad was always there for her protection when she realized that Dillyon might be her dad Dillon in the End, Dillyon was behind the entranced es dropping to Venjixa‘s plan and Dillyon says his first word. Via!





Family Edit

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